State of the Art Business Software FICCweb®

FICCweb® version v3.5 with ONE CLICK TECHNOLOGY(TM)


The simple principle that multiplies your investment

The right software gives you big business without costing you big money!!

FICCweb® - Your software, your solution!!!

Using a simple set of Gears, you can exert considerable force with minimal effort. The Gears multiply the force applied and give you a mechanical advantage.

Our Systems and Programs provides businesses similar advantage moving companies to success.  

FICCweb® Database Power on the Web









Our Total Management Information System FICCweb®, specifically written for Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers, Traders, Purchase Agents and even retailers, good for any business that buys and resell goods.  Our product runs over the internet using your Windows Explorer as Client and we can setup your own server at your office location or use our hosting servers, in this way you may run your business from anywhere, anytime.  With FICCweb®, you have a rock solid, bullet proof software to run your business.

How we do keep up the FICCweb Business Software?
in the first place getting input from the customer, defining our own techniques and most importantly ignoring the noise.

What type of businesses are using FICCweb® ?

Different companies with different type of goods are working at this moment with the FICCweb®, like:

Auto Parts, Tractor Parts, Aircraft Parts, Electronics, Computers and Computer Parts, Cellular phones and Cellular Parts, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Kitchen and Bath and more!!!

FICCweb® Main Features

FICCweb® was specifically developed for Web used on the Internet and online business but also runs on the Intranet.

Request a Demo of the FICCweb®

VERY IMPORTANT: All FICC® DOS versions were discontinued on Decemeber 2009, Please call to show you FICCweb®

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